Utah Clutch Repair

Although manual transmissions can typically last more than 80,000 miles, the clutch can wear out prematurely. Over time, the clutch will begin to slip, become harder to shift and eventually fail. If your clutch begins making noises or slipping, contact J&M's Transmission, your Utah clutch repair specialists, to get the problem quickly diagnosed and repaired. If your manual transmission does happen to require repairs, J&M's Transmission will rebuild and repair your manual transmission right the first time.

Clutch Repair Services in Utah

As part of our free automatic transmission diagnostic, our transmission specialists will:

Utah Clutch Maintenance

Due to the complexity of manual transmissions and clutches, it is very important to conduct regular clutch maintenance to ensure the life of your vehicle's clutch is extended and to make sure that it is in good working condition the entire time that you're driving. Our comprehensive preventive transmission maintenance service in Utah will quickly and efficiently get your vehicle back on the road and your equipment running smoothly.

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