Transmission Rebuild

There isn't an engine component which is more complex and essential than your vehicle's transmission. At J&M Transmissions, we understand the difficulty behind having to replace a transmission, so why not rebuild it instead? Our team can take a look at your car and find the best, low cost rebuilding solution for you. transmission repair lehi, provo utah The first step is to confirm that your transmission is worn down and needs to be fixed or rebuilt. A common sign of a damaged transmission is if it slips between gears, smells like the fluid is burning, makes unusual clunking noises, or delays speed changes after a gear shift. These symptoms can be delayed before they happen if the transmission fluid is routinely replaced and if the transmission is flushed on a regular basis. However, if any of these symptoms are present in your transmission, then it's time to bring it in. Waiting after these symptoms show up can do more damage to your car and make repairs even more expensive, so don?t waste time. When rebuilding a transmission, there are a few factors that can affect the cost: Severity of Damage: How serious the damage is to the vehicle plays a major part in how much it costs to rebuild it. Newer cars that have been maintained well will cost less to repair than older model cars that haven't had as much luck. Type of Transmission: Automatic transmissions are generally more expensive to fix than manual transmissions. In an automatic transmission, gear shifting is done by the transmission and not the driver. It's the opposite for a manual transmission, switching the gear shifting responsibilities to the driver. Model of Vehicle: Older or rarer cars may not have transmissions that are regularly available and may be harder to find than more recent vehicles. With these specific aspects in mind, our team at J&M Transmissions will find the most reliable and cost effective solution to fix your transmission problem. This can be achieved with a three step process. The first step is to have the mechanics check the transmission fluid. If it is low or worn out, then that could be the cause of sticky or clunky shifts. If this is the cause of the transmission's problems and the rest of the components are fine, then that is all that needs to be checked and the transmission will be put back into place. This is the cheapest repair of the three steps. If the transmission fluid is not the main source of the problem however, then the process will continue and our technicians will check the vehicle's computer system in charge of shifting. This is only in automatic vehicles, so if your vehicle is a manual shifting vehicle, then there's no need for this step. The computer system may not be reading the RPMs of the vehicle correctly, causing the transmission to slip or shift hard. If this is the case, the sensors will be replaced without dismantling or disassembling the transmission. This is the second cheapest repair. If the transmission fluid is not the problem, and the vehicle computer system is working perfectly fine, then the third step will begin. The vehicle will be put through a number of diagnostic tests, then the transmission will be removed and disassembled. Each part will be checked and replaced if outdated, damaged, or worn down. The pieces that do not need to be replaced will be cleaned and installed back into the transmission. However, seals and gaskets will be replaced regardless of condition. The transmission is reassembled and mounted into the car. The electrical system is tested, and necessary adjustments are made. Once all hard components and systems are reinstalled into the vehicle's engine, the vehicle is taken back out for a test drive to ensure everything is working, then returned to the owner. After the transmission is repaired and the vehicle is ready to go, check the warranty on the vehicle and understand what is covered. In most typical warranties, the transmission and all of its internal parts are covered. If the warranty is still active, and the damage was caused by manufacture defect or poor workmanship, then the warranty should cover the costs. However, make sure to read through the owner's manual of the car and make sure it's covered. Don't always rely on 'most likely.' Rebuilding a transmission is less expensive than replacing it. However, it takes skill and knowledge to know how to rebuild a vehicle's most complex component. At J&M Transmission, our team of experienced mechanics and technicians possess that ability, and use it to make sure that your transmission runs smoothly, all at a low cost.

Transmission Rebuild

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It may seem like J&M's Transmission has been in business forever, but with so much history, the expert staff has accumulated a great deal of experience. The majority of Clayton's employees have been with J&M's Transmission for more than ten years and several for nearly 20 years. Not only are Clayton and his technicians experts in the shop but they continually enhance their knowledge and skills on the latest tools and techniques by regularly attending industry classes and seminars. J&M's Transmission technicians receive the latest education on all makes and models and are supplied with the most advanced tools and the diagnostic equipment to make sure that every vehicle is diagnosed and fixed properly and in a timely manner. "I have attended more auto mechanics classes and seminars than I can count," said Clayton.

J&M's Transmission goes beyond fixing transmissions and clutches, they are dedicated to satisfying the customer. In addition to providing great repair and rebuild work, J&M's Transmission also offers Free Diagnostic Analysis and Free Towing, when major repairs are required. J&M's Transmission also has convenient payment options. The loyalty and length of time that staff has worked for J&M's Transmission has formed a family oriented business. That family feeling extends beyond the staff to the customers. Clayton loves helping his customers and treats them like his family.

Clayton has always loved working on cars ever since he owned his first. He has valued hard work since 1969 when he got into the business cleaning floors at a shop in Salt Lake City and worked his way up to realize the own dream of owning his own business.

Next time you have questions or problems with your transmission or clutch, don't spend a lot of wasted time and money shopping for new parts, contact J&M's Transmission to have all your questions answered and find cost efficient solutions for you.

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