Holiday Travel Gas Saving Tips

Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful and expensive, at JM Transmission we want to give our customers some tips to save gas and money as you travel to be with family, friends and loved ones.


Regular Vehicle Maintenance


Basic vehicle maintenance can vastly improve your gas milage. Regularly having your oil changed will prevent sludge buildup that can cause friction and resistance and will improve your engine’s output.

Pay attention to your temperature gauge, an engine that is running hot is usually burning too much fuel. If your engine is out of tune or fails the emissions test, a Utah engine tune up could improve your fuel efficiency by up to 4%. Maintaining a vehicle’s engine will not only increase your gas milage but will also improve the overall life and performance of your vehicle.




Properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by 0.6-3%. Under inflated tires have more friction on the road which causes the engine to work harder, using more gas. Maintaining tire pressure during the winter months is especially important as the drop in temperature causes a loss in tire pressure. A Utah tire rotation is another great way to improve gas milage and will prevent your tires from wearing out unevenly.

Proper vehicle alignment is also something worth paying attention to. Misalignment will affect parts of your vehicle that can also decrease your fuel efficiency.



Did you know that your driving style has one of the biggest impacts on gas milage? Maintaining a constant, sometimes slower, speed on the freeway is the most efficient fuel saving skill you can develop. Setting your cruise control can increase gas mileage by 33%, according to the US Department of Energy. Do you race off the white line when the light turns green? That will cost you gas as well. Allowing your vehicle to gradually reach speeds instead of revving rpms will have a positive impact on your fuel efficiency.


Slow down, check your tire pressure, oil levels, and make sure your vehicle is regularly maintained. These tips will save you gas and money over time and, more importantly, will keep you and your family safe as you travel this holiday season. Call us today and our team at JM Transmissions will ensure that your vehicle is safe and travel ready, as well as performing at the most fuel efficient levels.

Holiday Travel Gas Saving Tips

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