Driving Habits that Negatively Affect your Transmission


Bad habits are hard to break, especially if you don’t even know you have them. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic car, your driving habits (whether you’re aware of them or not) affect your transmission’s condition and lifespan. Here are some techniques you may want to avoid to save your transmission.


  • Forgetting the Parking Brake: When your car is put into park, a tiny metal pin locks into a notch ring attached to the transmission’s output shaft. This is called a parking pawl. It puts an immense amount of pressure on your car’s transmission, as that small pin is supporting the weight of your entire car. When parking on an incline, putting the parking brake on relieves this pressure that can damage your transmission, as well as holds your vehicle in place even if the parking pawl breaks or dislodges.


  • Riding the Clutch: While it may give you more comfort to drive with your foot hovering the clutch, this can actually cause significant damage to your transmission. Riding the clutch causes pressure plates to graze the flywheel. Even the slightest weight on the clutch pedal can cause this friction. This leads heat build-up and injury to your system, eventually culminating into clutch failure.


  • Shifting into Drive or Reverse Before You're Fully Stopped: Your car should always be at a complete stop before shifting the direction of your car. This puts stress onto the transmission and drive train, forcing it into doing things it’s not intended for. It can also cause early transmission failure.


  • Only Driving Short Distances: Vehicles frequently driven for only short distances experience a lot of strain and wear. Driving at a steady speed on a freeway or highway allows the engine to warm up and places less exertion on the transmission.


  • Unnecessary Downshifting: Downshifting at a high speed to break causes excessive wear and tear on your transmission components. During a downshift maneuver your car’s transmission gears grind together and wear down. Downshifting on downhill sections is smart to decrease speed, but doing it under normal driving conditions to break should be avoided.

The transmission is one of the most important parts of your car, so it’s essential to take care of it. Avoiding these common habits can prevent damage to your transmission and extend its lifespan, saving you lots of time and money. Do you have any questions or concerns? Call J&M’s Transmission Clinic experts today for professional and quality assistance.


Driving Habits that Negatively Affect your Transmission

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