Clutch Repair

Manual transmissions offer more control over an engine’s rpms and horsepower which is why they are still a popular choice over automatic vehicles for many people. Most manual transmission vehicle owners know that at some point the clutch will wear out and need to be replaced. The clutch is a key component to a manual transmission and if it fails, the car is unusable until the clutch is repaired.

To avoid breaking down on the road due to a failing clutch we put together some warning signs of a clutch in need of repair.


  • A soft clutch is an early sign of a failing clutch, when you shift gears how far does your pedal let out before a gear catches? If the clutch feels soft, almost entirely lets out before catching a gear or rests lower to floorboard, this could be an indication of major clutch trouble.

  • If you are an experienced manual driver and have smelled frequent burning while shifting, the same burning smell that occurs when learning to drive a manual car and not properly changing gears, this could be a sign that your car is in need a of clutch replacement.

  • Is your vehicle slipping gears when you shift? If your car does not shift gears smoothly, shakes or grinds it is most likely in need of clutch repair work. Shifting problems are usually the most apparent sign to drivers that there is a clutch issue.


To replace or repair the clutch, the entire transmission needs to be removed. It is always best to call an experienced transmission and clutch repair technician to diagnose and repair your clutch, schedule a quality clutch repair service today if you have experienced any of the above symptoms of a failing clutch.


If your clutch fails you on the side of the road call J&M’s Transmission Clinic, we offer free transmission diagnostics, local towing and a free shuttle service to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Clutch Repair

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