Keep your Transmission Running Longer

Transmissions aren't complicated things, but they do require attention in order to keep things running smoothly. Often times, we neglect to take care of our transmission needs. This often damages or affects the transmission's performance. Being conscious of these five things, we can have an assurance that our transmissions will run longer and more efficiently. Always service your transmission Bring in your vehicle at 50,000 miles or so for servicing. Most manufacturers suggest that you service your transmission at 100,000 miles. This makes it seem as if it costs half as much to service at 100,000 miles compared to 50,000. However, at 100,000 miles, your vehicle is more at risk of transmission problems, possibly forcing expensive repairs or replacements. Keep your transmission fluid full Transmission fluid is used to keep the transmission running smoothly. If there isn't a sufficient amount of quality fluid in there, then the transmission won't be as protected from damage as it could be. Use the correct transmission fluid Choosing the right type and quality of transmission fluid for your transmission will keep it working well. If you use synthetic transmission fluid on an older model that has never been exposed to synthetic transmission fluid, then it could hurt the transmission more than help it. So make sure that you know which type and quality of fluid to use. Don?t let problems linger The longer you let problems stick around, the worse they'll get. If the transmission doesn't work as good as it can, then the problems will create a snowball effect, worsening the problems. Make frequent checks and fix any problems before they become a serious issue. Don't let your transmission overheat Out of these 5 tips, this one is the most likely reason your transmission would fail you. If your transmission is having problems, overheating is probably the root of the problem. To solve this, make sure to follow the above instructions, because low fluid levels, leaks, or old transmission fluid can all cause your transmission to overheat. If your vehicle is towing heavy loads, constantly stopping and going, or operating in hot weather, then consider installing a transmission cooler to keep your transmission fluid from getting too hot. The transmission is a crucial part in your car, increasing the output speed of the engine. It's because of this that replacing a transmission is a pricey repair, so it's important to keep it running for as long as possible. By following these steps, you can make sure that your transmission gets in more than 100,000 miles, all the while saving money. So make the most out of your transmission, and keep it running smooth.

Keep your Transmission Running Longer

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It may seem like J&M's Transmission has been in business forever, but with so much history, the expert staff has accumulated a great deal of experience. The majority of Clayton's employees have been with J&M's Transmission for more than ten years and several for nearly 20 years. Not only are Clayton and his technicians experts in the shop but they continually enhance their knowledge and skills on the latest tools and techniques by regularly attending industry classes and seminars. J&M's Transmission technicians receive the latest education on all makes and models and are supplied with the most advanced tools and the diagnostic equipment to make sure that every vehicle is diagnosed and fixed properly and in a timely manner. "I have attended more auto mechanics classes and seminars than I can count," said Clayton.

J&M's Transmission goes beyond fixing transmissions and clutches, they are dedicated to satisfying the customer. In addition to providing great repair and rebuild work, J&M's Transmission also offers Free Diagnostic Analysis and Free Towing, when major repairs are required. J&M's Transmission also has convenient payment options. The loyalty and length of time that staff has worked for J&M's Transmission has formed a family oriented business. That family feeling extends beyond the staff to the customers. Clayton loves helping his customers and treats them like his family.

Clayton has always loved working on cars ever since he owned his first. He has valued hard work since 1969 when he got into the business cleaning floors at a shop in Salt Lake City and worked his way up to realize the own dream of owning his own business.

Next time you have questions or problems with your transmission or clutch, don't spend a lot of wasted time and money shopping for new parts, contact J&M's Transmission to have all your questions answered and find cost efficient solutions for you.

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