5 Mistakes Which Ruin Your Transmission

To keep our transmission running as they should, we need to take the necessary steps. Even though we don't need to have a focus on them every minute of the day, it would be good for us to take a peek at them every so often to ensure that everything is in tip top shape. Depending on the manufacturer and the type of transmission, it will need different maintenance at different times, but over all, there are 5 common things that we can all forget. If we keep these things in mind- we will better be able to care for our transmissions. transmission repair lehi, provo utah Forgetting to Have Your Transmissions Serviced: If you don't want dirt and grind mixed up in your transmission, it is important to have your transmission serviced every so often, just like we need to check up with the doctor every so often, even if we aren't ill. We suggest bringing it in and having the professionals at JM Transmissions taking a look at it every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, just to makes sure nothing major is going on. Running Low on Transmission Fluid: This may be one of the most common transmission problems. We don't often think to check how much transmission fluid we have, although this is an important step in helping our transmission run for a longer amount of time. With enough transmission fluid, your transmission is well lubricated, fluid pressure is provided, and the tranny is nice and cool. Without these, the temperature is going to run much higher which will lead to excessive heat, which will can ruin our automatic transmission. Are You Using the Correct Type of Transmission Fluid?: Not using the correct type of transmission fluid for our specific transmissions is just as bad as not having any transmission fluid in the first place. Often times, people believe that it doesn't matter the type of fluid we have, although this couldn't be further from the truth. This is because different types of transmission fluids have different levels of viscosity and additives can we added into the equation. Make sure to do your research to know what kind of fluid you need or call the experts at JM Transmissions- we can help you out! Don't Leave Problems Until The Last Minute!: Is your car making funny or unusual noises? Is something not quite running right? This is a big sign that something could be going wrong with your transmission and should not be ignored. In most situations, a transmission life will be shorted when these problems are not taken care of immediately. Don't wait and don't take the risk of ruining your transmission, because replacing a transmission is a lot more expensive than repairing one. Never Let Your Transmission Overheat: If we compare our transmission to our bodies, and our body has a fever if we are just a few degrees warmer; what about our transmission? If our transmission is just a few degrees warmer than it should be, this is bad sign and needs to be taken care of immediately. A simple fact is that 90% of transmission problems stem from overheating- something that is so easily preventable. What can help? Change out your transmission fluid often. With these few simple steps, we will be able to expand our transmissions? life and keep our cars running in tip top shape as long as possible. For questions or to schedule a service- give our experts a call!

5 Mistakes Which Ruin Your Transmission

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